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Platts Mexico Aluminum Scrap Price Assessments: Metals Price Assessments

What are the Platts Mexico Aluminum Scrap Price Assessments?

Mexico Aluminum Scrap (Weekly)

Platts began assessing the Mexican scrap market in 2016. Platts assessments are based on robust and transparent market data that includes, but is not limited, to firm bids and offers, expressions of interest to trade and confirmed trades reported across the trading day.

Platts now provides four daily market assessments, looking at the scrap market for Mexico in response to industry requests. These are for the widely traded grades old cast, old sheet, UBCs and 6063 new bare (extrusion) scrap.

Following industry feedback, that these prices are needed to bring transparency to the current spot market in Mexico, driven by rising secondary alloys production to meet booming activity in the automotive sector.

How do we assess Platts Mexico Aluminum Scrap?

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Platts gathers price data from a wide segment of the market, including scrap dealers, aluminum mills, secondary smelters, extruders, cable makers and others active in trading.

Each price assessment will be normalized to spot business shipping within 30 days, delivered in the Northeastern region (Nuevo Leon and Coahuila states) free of VAT (IVA) tax, net-30 day payment terms for typical volumes of 20 mt.

The price assessments are delivered Northeast Mexico and better reflect the dynamics and currency fluctuations in the region, assessed weekly in pesos/kg with a cents/lb conversion.

Metals Price Assessment Methodology

How do I access the prices of Platts Mexico Aluminum Scrap?

The Platts Mexico Aluminum Scrap Price Assessments are alongside other global aluminum prices available in the following Platts services.

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