Editorial Contacts

We welcome your enquiries about news stories, analysis and assessments published by Platts. To send us an enquiry, or a complaint, you may contact us at any of the general email addresses below. For more information on our complaints policy, click here.

If you have a press release you would like Platts editors to see, please send it to the appropriate editorial contact email address below, choosing by specific commodity sector.

Oil: oil@platts.com
Natural Gas (Europe): power@platts.com
Natural Gas (U.S): gas@platts.com
Electric Power (Europe): power@platts.com
Electric Power (U.S.): electricity_platts@spglobal.com
Emissions: emissions@platts.com
Agriculture: agriculture@platts.com
Nuclear: nukes@platts.com
Coal: coal@platts.com
Metals: metals@platts.com
Petrochemicals: petchems@platts.com

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