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Eclipse Energy Group acquired by S&P Global Platts - July 2014

The Eclipse Energy Group integration into Platts delivers a market leading provider of data and analysis on the European gas, power and global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets. Together Platts and Eclipse Energy provide extensive knowledge and expertise; a reputation for timely, accurate and actionable data and analysis, including forecasting; and a strong track record of market-led product development.

Platts Eclipse Europe Gas and Power analytics

How are gas and power prices moving in the European markets? Why are these market movements happening? How do you plan ahead and prepare for the next market movement change?

Platts Eclipse Europe gas and power analytics provide solutions that help you answer these questions, and support you in making critical business decisions, and access new opportunities.

Learn more about the Platts Eclipse Energy solutions.

UK and Europe Gas short-term (Platts Eclipse) - this service delivers both weekly and monthly insight covering the European gas market’s key drivers, including:

  • 12 month NBP price forecast and analysis
  • UK forward curve developments
  • Structural components of the European Market - from European hubs and spread behaviour to long term contract pricing and renegotiations
  • Updates on key fundamentals and European flows and maintenance
  • Price forecast update

Access: Platts Xplore for Europe Gas analytics is designed to help you make decisions fast by providing a one stop shop platform to benchmark what is happening now, with a view of the past and our view of the future.

UK Power short-term (Platts Eclipse) - a monthly report delivering a deep dive analysis of the key issues impacting the market, including:

  • A review of market prices, supply, demand and other fundamental drivers
  • Forecasts of monthly wholesale UK Baseload
  • Peak and Overnight power prices and fuel spreads from month-ahead to the front three seasons’ price risk assessments
  • Deterministic forecasts
  • Forecast performance analysis

Delivery: Receive PDF reports direct to your email account for your convenience.

Gas long-term (Platts Eclipse) - biannual reports that deliver insight on the key medium to long term issues affecting the UK and European gas market, including:

  • Fundamental data for the UK and European gas sector
  • Scenario based forecast of European gas prices, both on a UK and European level - 2019 to 2040
  • LNG supply and production forecasts (UK Continental Shelf, Russian, and Norwegian)
  • Future contract structures
  • Liquidity expectations of both price and volume implications
  • Policy developments

Delivery: Receive PDF reports direct to your email account for your convenience.

Power long-term (Platts Eclipse) – a service that delivers a base case view of UK wholesale power prices to 2040 and underlying fundamental assumptions; with a clear view of inputs and a scenario-based approach taking into account policy, regulatory and investment risk to core assumptions.

Delivery: Receive PDF reports direct to your email account for your convenience.

Platts Xplore - is the analytics solution for the European gas market, powered by quality assured in-depth data you can trust - continuously updated, and used by the Platts Eclipse team of market analysts; designed to cut through the noise to support trading decisions based on what is happening now, the relevant past and our view of the future.

Customers can also access Platts LNG Navigator via Platts Xplore; this web‐based service provides global fundamental analysis and data on LNG, live global balance, ship tracking of production and deliveries, and predicted ETAs and destinations for vessels, future supply and demand of LNG on a global level, and a weekly report on the Global LNG Market.

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