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In 1909, at the age of 25, Cleveland, Ohio journalist Warren Cumming Platt, started his own publishing venture, a monthly news magazine National Petroleum News. His intent was to level the information playing field between independent oilmen and Big Oil by promoting transparency within the oil industry. By publishing reliable market-based price information, Platt not only shed light on a once opaque marketplace, but inspired greater market efficiency and competition.

In 1923, Platt published its first, of many, daily market reports, Platts Oilgram, to meet the need for more frequent updates on price movements and market developments. A century after its birth, the Platt publishing venture later known as “Platts” and acquired in 1953 by New York-based The McGraw-Hill Companies, provides real-time information services and more than 60 publications covering not only oil, but a dozen sectors of the energy and metals industries, and is known and relied upon by market participants and observers the world over..


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Early Headquarters
Platts: Headquarter

812 Huron Road, Cleveland, Ohio

Warren C. Platt (1883-1963)
Platts: Founder

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