EPCA 2018: Saudi Petro Rabigh to sell new petrochemicals grades next year

Vienna (Platts)--8 Oct 2018 801 am EDT/1201 GMT

Saudi Arabia's Petro Rabigh will begin to sell more grades of polymers and other petrochemicals beginning early 2019 once a reliability test of its new units is over, a company source said Monday on the sidelines of 52nd annual EPCA conference in Vienna.

"The test is to be carried out in the December-January period," the source said.

The new grades will come from the company's phase 2 complex, the last units of which started in August last year. The source did not specify the grades that the company plans to sell.

Rabigh 2 will also use 3 million mt/year of naphtha produced at an integrated 400,000 b/d refinery to make aromatics, including 1.34 million mt/year of paraxylene and 424,000 mt/year of benzene besides several other downstream products.

Units that are a part of the Rabigh 2 project include ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM, ethylene vinyl acetate (LDPE/EVA), superabsorbent polymer (SAP), caprolactam, nylon-6 and polyols besides TPO, cumene, phenol, acetone and MMA units.

The company's phase one unit -- Rabigh 1 -- can produce 300,000 mt/year of high density polyethylene, 600,000 mt/year of linear low density polyethylene, 600,000 mt/year of polypropylene, 700,000 mt/year of monoethylene glycol and 200,000 mt/year of propylene oxide.

--Shashank Shekhar, shashank.shekhar@spglobal.com

--Edited by Maurice Geller, maurice.geller@spglobal.com

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