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An Introduction to Platts Market On Close: Video

Platts price assessment methodology explained

Watch the video and then attend a live session or take our online tutorial

Our methodology and price assessment process are fundamental in helping us perform our role of bringing greater transparency and efficiency to the commodity markets we cover.

As part of Platts’ ongoing engagement with customers, market participants, industry organizations and regulators, this page includes all the details to help you learn more about our methodology and price assessment process.

Whether you’re interested in a topline overview or looking for more in-depth understanding, the various resources below provide access to the information you require in a format that suits you.


Attend a free Methodology Explained session where you will gain insights into benchmarks and our assessment process, and see the Market On Close process live in our London. Houston or Singapore offices.

Attend Live Session

While we recommend you attend a live session, we understand it is not always possible. Our online oil price methodology tutorial is the next best thing.

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MOC Participation Guidelines

Market On Close Acceptance and Review Principles and Procedures Guidelines are available.

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