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Platts Bunker Fuel: Oil Price Assessments

How Platts serves the bunker fuel and shipping industries

The global marine fuel sector requires a vast amount of price information to function efficiently. S&P Global Platts assesses prices for the marine fuel sector across all main regions, ports, and product specifications.

We publish granular price information on a daily basis of use to buyers, sellers, and brokers of marine fuel. Prices published by Platts and Bunkerworld are widely used as the benchmark in the shipping and bunker industries.

As well as bunker prices, Platts and Bunkerworld cover daily industry and market news across all regions of the world. With the marine fuel sector undergoing the most significant regulatory shift to tighter emissions standards it has ever seen, quality real-time news and analysis of these changes is essential.

What grades of bunker fuel does Platts assess?

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Globally, Platts assesses five main grades of marine fuel, including three grades of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO). Platts currently assesses:

• IFO 180 centistoke (CST)

• IFO 380 CST

• IFO 500 CST

• Marine Diesel (MDO)

• Marine Gasoil (MGO)

From the start of 2012, Platts has fully reflected revised bunker fuel specifications set out by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) in global bunker fuel assessments.

Under the convention, high sulfur bunker fuel supplied at major global bunkering locations from 2012 onwards must contain a maximum of 3.5% sulfur, down from the previous maximum sulfur content of 4.5%. The worldwide market generally follows similar specifications for these grades in all locations.

From the start of 2015, the sulfur cap for bunker fuel used within Emission Control Area (ECA) zones was lowered to 0.1%, from 1% max previously. Platts assesses ultra-low sulfur bunker fuel of 0.1% in Rotterdam, New York and Houston, and is monitoring the fuel types available to meet the future global 0.5% sulfur cap as they develop.

How do you access the price of Fuel Oil?

Our Fuel Oil Price Assessments can be accessed in the following services.

Platts Marine

  • A closer look at Platts shipping coverage
  • Marine news, markets and trends

Platts Bunkerwire

  • Delivered daily and backed by the unrivalled experience and resources of the Platts editorial team this provides you with market overview of the marine fuels market globally
  • Inlcudes market commentary with detail on trends and changes in prices

Market Price Data - Oil

  • Access the latest, most accurate oil price data. This service provides you with our end-of-day assessments, corrections, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database
  • The most efficient and reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments data
  • Complete and custom historical data sets are also available

Platts Global Alert

  • Provides up-to-the-minute developments, price discovery, and market commentary for the world's crude and refined oil products market
  • Real-time coverage of oil news and markets from our team of dedicated market specialists
  • End-of-day assessments covering more than 200 oil prices

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