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The Price of Metallocene and Polyethylene: Petrochemicals Price Assessments

What is LLDPE and mLLDPE C6 price assessment?

We assess standard linear low density polyethylene C6 (LLDPE C6) and metallocene linear low density polyethylene C6 (mLLDPE C6). Both are assessed on spot FD NWE on a weekly basis in order to capture spot market liquidity.

LLDPE and mLLDPE C6 are derived from ethylene and 1- hexene comonomer. They are used in a wide range of applications from cast and blown films, extrusion-coating, pipes and cables. They exhibits key characteristics that make it suitable for applications including heavy duty bags, agricultural film and stretch wrap films.

Globally, the linear low density polyethylene market based on a metallocene and/or hexene catalyst is estimated to be over four million mt.

The LLDPE and mLLDPE C6 Metallocene Price Assessment is available in these Platts services.

How we assess the price of LLDPE and mLLDPE C6

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The spot price assessments reflect a spot cargo size of 100-300 mt lots. The specifications for LLDPE C6 are: 1-Hexene comonomer with density between 917-922 kg/m3 for both cast and blown film and a melt flow index between 0.9-3.5. This same specification is currently reflected in the contract price.

Specifications for mLLDPE C6 are: 1-Hexene comonomer based on metallocene catalyst with a density of 912-940 kg/m3 for both cast and blown film, and a melt flow index between 0.5-4.5.

Assessments for both mLLDPE and LLDPE C6 are found in Polymerscan.

Evolution of LLDPE and mLLDPE C6 – a brief history of major changes

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Platts first assessed mLLDPE and LLDPE C6 spot price on April 8, 2015. Platts began assessing LLDPE C6 contract price in January 2009.

LLDPE and mLLDPE C6 Price Assessment Methodology


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How do you access the metallocene prices?

Metallocene LLDPE C6 and mLLDPE C6 prices can be accessed in the following Platts services:


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