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The World Refinery Database provides an in-depth view of the international refining industry, with a unique dynamic interface which allows you to focus on the data you need.

Сочетая анализ событий на местных и мировых рынках с новостями, данными, и, что особенно важно, с интуитивным средством аналитики, Platts China Oil Analytics поможет вам построить контекст любым выбранным вами путем.

Platts cFlow поможет вам досконально понять динамику развития мировых рынков фрахта. Благодаря автоматическим экстренным оповещениям, обширным отчетам и возможностью просмотра с четким отображением карт, вы сможете сконцентрироваться на любом регионе, грузе или типе судна. Начните использовать эти инструменты для изучения нашего объемного пакета данных, и ваши сотрудники смогут связать факты воедино, чтобы получить полную картину, и, соответственно, станут работать быстрее и эффективнее.

Platts Wellscape 4.0 is a web-based tool that gives you access to drilling activity, permitting and rig specifications. Build, save and export reports and data to run on a schedule you create and to the individuals in your organizations you identify.

Platts Wellscape Site dB is the complete data feed of our permitting and location activity data for the entire U.S. Updated and delivered daily, Platts Wellscape Site dB can be set up to automatically feed your CRM system.

Platts Wellscape P2P is a dataset that allows you to create a comprehensive and panoramic view of oil & gas drilling activity in the US and the resulting production - both current and future – to identify opportunities created by drilled but uncompleted wells (DUC).

Platts RigData Land Activity Monitor is built specifically for analysis of hydrocarbon activity by basin and formation.

Statistical-based report providing you essential and insightful intelligence to make trading and hedging decisions with conviction.

Platts Eclipse gas and power solutions deliver comprehensive, data, and analysis, which provide the insight needed to take a view on the short-, medium- and long-term outlook. This insight is gained from careful analysis of market forces to enable you and your team to make informed investment and trading decisions.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the North American NGL market with Platts Bentek NGL Lite/Intro Package.

The Midcon/Rockies Regional package from Platts Bentek provides participants in the Midcontinent and Rockies regional markets with data and analysis needed to excel in today’s dynamic natural gas marketplace.

Platts Bentek Data and Intelligence package facilitates a region-by-region analysis of the North American natural gas market by dividing the continent into ten different ‘cells’, or geographic areas.

Platts Bentek Data Warehouse package allows you to see where almost all natural gas is coming from and flowing to on a near-real-time basis.

Platts Bentek Gas Market Fundamentals and Forecast Package provides detailed forecasts of each component of supply and demand over the short- and long-term, allowing you to make strategic decisions for upcoming changes in the gas market.

Platts Bentek Gas Supply and Demand Fundamentals package provides daily updates with detailed views into the key components of demand, plus the renowned reports that track storage and give the Platts Bentek Storage estimate two days before the EIA announcement.

Platts Bentek Market Call: US Natural Gas Long Term provides a comprehensive, five year outlook of the U.S. natural gas market, including an overview of key fundamental information.

The Platts Bentek Market Call: US Natural Gas Short Term provides a comprehensive five-month outlook of the U.S natural gas market, including a detailed overview of key supply and demand.

Platts Bentek Market Models provide both aggregated and meter-level data in an easy-to-use format.

Platts Bentek Oil and Gas Production Monitors highlight our extensive reach into data across the energy industry to provide visibility into the upstream oil and natural gas markets.

Platts Bentek Canada Regional Natural Gas Package provides participants in the Canadian natural gas and crude oil markets with detailed information needed to excel in today’s dynamic market.

Platts Bentek Mexico Regional Package delivers data-driven coverage of the natural gas, LNG, crude oil, NGL and electric power markets in Mexico. With this package, you will be able to enhance your market outlook, build more robust models and validate investment and strategic decisions.

Track the NGL market with the entire Bentek NGL suite of data and analysis.

Platts Bentek NGL Facilities Databank is an extensive dataset that includes details on more than 1,120 existing natural gas processing plants in the U.S. and Canada, as well as expansions and new builds with over 140 Bcf/d of total capacity.

Platts Bentek Quarterly Market Call: North American NGLs provides market participants with in-depth analysis, comprehensive fundamental data and 10-year supply and demand forecasts of each purity product.

With the Platts Bentek NGL Market Monitors you will receive in-depth data and analysis on a daily basis for the North American NGL markets.

Track the North American NGL market with detailed reporting on NGL supply and in-depth market analysis in the NGL Outlook Package.

S&P Global Platts collects gas plant data, standardizes the information into a common format, scrubs the data to correct any quality issues and provides the data in both spreadsheet and tabular/graphical formats.

Platts Bentek NGL Supply Report provides a weekly assessment of raw mix and purity product NGL production in the U.S. by Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD).

Track the NGL market on a daily basis with detailed reporting on NGL supply and in-depth market analysis in the NGL basic package.

Platts Bentek Northeast Regional Package provides participants in the Northeast regional market with data and analysis needed to excel in today’s dynamic natural gas marketplace.

Platts Bentek Pipeline Market Tracker is a quarterly report that analyzes individual pipelines by the major factors impacting overall performance.

Platts Bentek Midcon/Rockies Regional Package provides participants in the Midcon and Rockies regional market with fundamental data and market analysis needed to excel in today’s dynamic natural gas marketplace.

With Platts Bentek RouteBuilder, you can quickly determine the fixed and variable costs for natural gas pipelines across the U.S.

Platts Bentek Southeast/Gulf Regional Package provides participants in the Southeast/Gulf and Texas regional markets with fundamental data and market analysis needed to excel in today’s dynamic natural gas marketplace.

Platts Bentek Supply & Demand Daily provides a daily estimate of key natural gas fundamentals at U.S. national and regional levels.

Platts West Regional Package provides participants in the Western regional markets with fundamental data and market analysis needed to excel in today’s dynamic natural gas marketplace.

Обзор Global Polyolefins Outlook (Перспективы развития мирового рынка полиолефинов) и сопровождающие его данные знакомят с анализом спроса и предложения на полиэтилен и полипропилен вплоть до 2025 г. Этот обзор, содержащий систематизированные данные и аналитику, а также предусматривающий возможность обратиться к аналитику агентства Platts, позволит вам углубить свои представления по интересующему вас кругу вопросов.

Platts Steel Data & Analysis знакомит с углубленными данными об импорте, экспорте, сырье, переработке и сбыте на рынках американской стали.

Platts Agriculture Analyzer – это удобный и простой в использовании онлайн инструмент, позволяющий осуществлять просмотр, построение графиков и загрузку большого массива данных о спросе и предложении на этаноловое и биодизельное топливо, а также другой важнейшей ценовой информации.

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