Agriculture Analyzer

Add some weight to your strategic planning and step into a world of biofuels data

Platts Agriculture Analyzer is a user-friendly online tool which allows you to view, graph and download a wealth of ethanol and biodiesel supply and demand data and other crucial pricing information. With access to this tool you are instantly granted with a 360 degree view of the market so that you can prepare your strategic/forecasting models with confidence and ease.

What can you find in the Platts Agriculture Analyzer?

  • Current and historical ethanol and biodiesel:
    • Supply and demand data
    • Proprietary weekly prices
    • Production capacity
    • Updates on mandates
  • Downloadable charts for use in presentations
  • Downloadable data so that you can create your own charts and presentations
  • Customizable content:
    • Create and save custom dashboards
    • Select date ranges of most interest to you
  • Chartable exchange rates between the key currencies

Key Benefits

  • A wealth of information in one single location – saving you time to act on the discoveries you find within the tool
  • Easy to use – view, chart and download the data in seconds
  • At least 5 years of history – helps you identify price trends to anticipate future price movements
  • All data supported by a robust methodology – so you can have confidence in the numbers you are communicating to the wider organization
  • Platts have fingers in multiple pies – we consolidate all of the information we receive so that it is in a manageable format for you

Why Platts?

As an industry leader of prices, analysis, news and market commentary and with a deep-rooted, robust methodology to support all of our intelligence, having access to Platts’ data not only gives you an instant competitive advantage but it provides you with a rounded picture of the market so you can make more confident business decisions.

If you are already a subscriber, please go to the Platts Agriculture Analyzer page to login.

Platts Agriculture Analyzer includes the latest data and statistics for the global ethanol and biodiesel markets, including:

  • Supply & Demand – production, consumption, import and export data (from 2007)
  • Platts weekly spot prices (from 2005)
  • Futures prices
  • Production capacity (from 2008)
  • Regular updates on mandates
  • Exchange rates

For more information please click on the ‘contact sales’ button to the right of this page.

Access to Platts Agriculture Analyzer comes with a subscription to Platts Biofuels package or the Platts Biofuels Fundamentals package.

For more information please click on the ‘contact sales’ button to the right of this page.


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