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Platts Bentek Data and Intelligence Package

Platts Bentek Data and Intelligence package facilitates a region-by-region analysis of the North American natural gas market by dividing the continent into ten different ‘cells’, or geographic areas. Included in this extensive natural gas dataset are five-year forecasts and historical data for the key fundamentals of supply, demand, storage and flows. This fundamental data is then aggregated to a monthly level and balanced regionally and nationally, providing an in-depth, data-driven dataset that helps you to analyze natural gas fundamentals and interregional flows.


  • Platts Bentek Natural Gas Cell Model
  • Platts Bentek CellCAST
  • Platts Bentek Natural Gas Market Recap


  • See the North American natural gas market broken out into ten balanced cells with historical data and five-year forecasts for the key components of supply, demand and storage
  • Includes regional inflows and outflows by pipeline, including flows to adjacent cells
  • Balanced regionally and nationally to historical EIA storage data
  • Quickly analyze how the supply/demand dynamics of one region affect the balance of other regions
  • Includes interactive graphs and charts that provide detailed natural gas dynamics
  • Simplify and enhance regional natural gas market data using one complete, transparent source
  • Monitor daily gas flows in near real-time
  • Access the same data used and vetted by S&P Global Platts analysts


  • Make confident business decisions knowing you have access to the only database with Platts Bentek’s balanced North American regional flows available on the market
  • Identify upcoming market trends with our five-year forecasts for each region and component of supply and demand
  • Quickly identify regions where the market is unbalanced and seize opportunities for your business
  • Get the complete picture of historical patterns and emerging trends with historical data and fundamental forecasts created from a team of analysts that specialize exclusively in the North American natural gas market
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you have unlimited access to S&P Global Platts analysts who have years of experience working on Platts Bentek Cell Model and CellCAST

Why S&P Global Platts?

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