Platts Bentek Oil and Gas Production Monitors

With access to pipeline flows, infrastructure, producer behavior, production projections, rig counts and activity, you will have an extensive, integrated view of North American oil and gas production.

Platts Bentek Oil and Gas Production Monitors highlight our extensive reach into data across the energy industry to provide visibility into the upstream oil and natural gas markets. Featuring data from Platts Bentek Data Warehouse, Platts RigData and Platts Bentek Oil and Gas Production Monitors allow users to stay on top of drilling activity by basin throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Analysts, traders and strategic planners use these regional reports as a key resource to understand how market fundamentals are impacting oil and gas production now and over the next five years. With basin-by-basin analysis and five-year production projections delivered monthly, you can analyze regional oil and gas production data and trends, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to thrive in the current market.


Platts Bentek Production Monitors are available as a complete package, or you can subscribe to a regional report representing the Southeast/Gulf, Midcon, Northeast, Canada or Rockies/West regions. Each regional report includes delivery of three excel data files and one PDF delivered monthly:

  • Regional Production Monitor (PDF)
  • Regional Oil and Gas Production Monitor Data (Excel)
  • Regional Supplemental Production Monitor Data (Excel)
  • Regional Gas Production Monitor Associated Market Model (Excel)


  • Five-year oil and gas production projections by basin in each region, with charts and graphs showing monthly and annual production averages by historical, future and total projected production volumes
  • Historical supply and demand balance within each PADD and crude-related infrastructure, including refineries and pipelines
  • Oil/Gas productivity per rig analysis provides a measure of rig productivity by estimating incremental oil and gas produced from one rig in one year, for both horizontal and vertical rigs, based on initial production rates, drill times and first year declines.
  • Combined oil and gas production data file containing oil and gas (gross and dry) projections, including production estimates for all of the plays covered in the report.
  • Horizontal drilling dynamics analysis spotlights the efficiency of rigs by measuring the number of wells drilled per rig, per month in each play or basin throughout time.
  • A dedicated section for internal rates of return (IRRs) examining the changing well economics in each basin, providing granular analysis of the expected returns, and highlighting commodity price assumptions for oil, gas, and NGLs by play.
  • Coverage of all leading oil and gas plays in North America, including: production estimates by basin, rig activity, drilling trends and efficiencies, rig maps with operators and written analysis covering production updates, producer sentiment and relevant news and analysis (see below for a complete list of basins covered).

Detailed play coverage included in each report

British ColumbiaMarcellus - Wet and DryAnadarkoWillistonPermian
AlbertaUtica - Wet and DryWillistonDenver-JulesburgEagle Ford
BitumenNew YorkArdmorePowder RiverFt. Worth
ManitobaVirginiaArkoma-WoodfordGreen RiverLA Gulf Coast
Eastern ProvincesPADD 1Palo DuroPiceanceHaynesville
Northern TerritoriesOhioParadoxFayetteville
MichiganSan JuanEast Texas
PADD 2RatonArkoma-Woodford
PermianCaliforniaPalo Duro
AlaskaSan Juan
PADDs 4 and 5PADD 3
Texas Gulf


  • In-depth coverage specific to each region in North America, providing you with the confidence that you are working off of the most relevant and important information for your producing area.
  • Written analysis that applies context and in-depth market understanding to natural gas and crude oil production
  • Unlimited access to the team of S&P Global Platts team, giving you the peace-of-mind that any market or product question you have will be answered by a relevant analyst
  • Data delivered within a monthly PDF as well as excel file to help with internal analysis and combining internal data with what is available in the Production Monitors.


Platts Bentek Production Projections are based on state wellhead production data provided by Drilling Info, Inc. Each projection starts from the last completed dataset and then projects production into the future using type-curves for each basin based on drilling orientation and resource target. Platts does not assume a base decline rate in its production projections. Production is forecasted on a well-by-well basis based on the current producing age of each well and where production from that well is on its current decline curve. Well counts in the forecast period are assumed to be flat from the previous month's drilling level, except where noted due to basins with an inventory of wells that are awaiting pipeline expansions and/or completions.

Why S&P Global Platts?

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. Platts makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.


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