Platts Eclipse Market view - European Gas in the Short Term

Get straight to the core of the European gas market’s key drivers.

Platts Eclipse filters and makes sense of the relevant fundamentals and latest news to rapidly assimilate developments into our analysis. We take a view on the potential impact of events on European gas markets and quantify the price implications.

What is the service?

  • A comprehensive monthly report on the UK with a 12 month NBP price forecast and analysis
  • A monthly report on UK forward curve developments and our view on price dynamics relative to key price anchors and technical analysis
  • An in-depth report on Europe, focusing on structural components of the European Market, from European hubs and spreads to long term contract pricing and renegotiations
  • A weekly update of key fundamentals and European flows and maintenance, including a price forecast update

How do we do this?

  • We collect available relevant data—much of it hourly—ranging from the most recent flows and nominations in Europe to rainfall in Brazil
  • This data is then structured and made available through the Platts Xplore platform
  • We continually monitor news items, blogs, REMIT pages, Twitter feeds and more, interpret and ensure relevant developments are fully reflected in our analysis
  • We structure the key conclusions for fundamentals and behaviour into our proprietary stacking models, also supported by our fundamental models for Norway, Russia and global LNG

Who for?

Anyone interested in UK and European natural gas fundamentals and prices. This includes upstream producers, traders, banks, hedge funds, utilities and the largest end users.

Who by?

Our team of experienced gas industry specialists and highly specialized analysts ensure that any factors influencing price developments is analyzed and any impacts assessed and factored into our models, price forecast and reports.


All analysis is searchable online on the Platts Xplore platform, which also contains a comprehensive library of interactive charts used in our analysis. The reports contain hyperlinks to take you to all the relevant charts.

Modular approach provides easy access:

Gas commentary - In-depth analysis of market fundamentals and prices.
Forward view - Analysis of forward curves using the “FunTech” approach.
Weekly Comment - update on key data, price and news relevant to our views.


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