EU Sugar Package: Prices, News & Analysis On EU Sugar Markets

S&P Global Platts Kingsman EU Sugar Package

We have started the countdown to the government deregulation and abolition of European sugar quotas in October 2017. Are you ready?

Through its weekly and monthly reports, Platts Kingsman EU Sugar Package provides you with EU price assessments, supporting commentary, news and analysis that bring the clarity you need to make confident business decisions.


  • Monitor price movements
  • Keep abreast of latest EU sugar market developments and understand how they will impact your business activities
  • Optimize your purchasing and trading decisions
  • Implement new strategies to tackle the changes ahead
  • Identify new opportunities

Key Price Assessments include:

  • Western Europe – delivered (€/mt)
  • Mediterranean Europe – delivered (€/mt)
  • Germany – delivered (€/mt)
  • France – delivered (€/mt)
  • Netherlands – delivered (€/mt)
  • Belgium – delivered (€/mt)

Why S&P Global Platts

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. Platts makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.


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