Land Activity Monitor

Platts RigData Land Activity Monitor is built specifically for analysis of hydrocarbon activity by basin and formation. This weekly dataset provides the information that traders, analysts and investors need to understand the U.S. onshore oil and gas drilling market. It offers an insightful view of upstream activity as it pertains to the E&P companies and drilling contractors involved along with pertinent details about the well, the play and formations.

The Platts RigData Land Activity Monitor delineates well classification, not always apparent on a permit, into oil or gas, for higher quality analysis of the impact of activity on future hydrocarbon supply.

Drilling contractor data includes contract types such as: day work, footage drilled, or turnkey, to better understand relationships between the E&P company and the contracted driller.

Rig specifications and details about the rig onsite include sortable descriptions such as its rated drilling depth, power type and the drawworks horsepower right down to the rig number and type. Using these rig specifications helps you identify the rigs in demand and that are best suited to a particular play, field or depth.

Sub-surface formation and geographical location data allows for analysis of where activity is being targeted. Search and sort any combination of location-related data points from high level regional area breakouts down to state and county level. Basin, formation, field and play data are listed by well to allow for micro-analysis of activity in an endless array of cross-hatches and filtering, including operator and drilling contractor.

Every report comes with data from the permit filing submitted by the operator with details on the proposed drilling action, including the vertical depth and lateral length planned, plus the specific hydrocarbon target of either oil or gas. And with the well type marker, understanding if the proposed drilling activity planned by the operator is an investment into a developed field or if it is a new exploratory well provides useful insight.

Other searchable data points include:

  • Search on basins and fields
  • Well orientation
  • Rig specifications
  • E&P company>
  • Permit data
  • Well ID number
  • Spud date

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