Platts M2M-Oil Forward Curves for Illiquid Markets

Developed to help you make more informed trading, hedging and risk management decisions, Platts M2M-Oil Forward Curves, for crudes and refined products globally, are available as an additional service for customers who subscribe to PFC-Oil. Platts M2M-Oil will complement PFC-Oil when there is a gap in the editorially-assessed forward curves due to lack of liquidity hence no trading activity of these markets in the Platts Market on Close (MOC) process.


  • Calculate P&L of illiquid markets with independent curves
  • Calculate key risk metrics, such as Value-at-Risk
  • Report the fair value of financial instruments
  • Validate internally derived forward curves and ensure compliance
  • Manage counterparty credit exposure
  • Download and integrate flexible data (delivered daily) into your systems

Coverage Details

Platts M2M-Oil is published daily in the three main regions, EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific, at the same time as PFC-Oil to guarantee a consistent mark-to-market of your overall oil portfolio. Tenors extend up to 36 months (three years) or from 37 to 84 months (three to seven years) for crudes and refined products. S&P Global Platts also publish quantitatively derived global forward curves from 85 to 240 months (seven to 20 years) on a weekly basis at the Platts Houston MOC.

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Delivery Options

Subscribers to Platts Global Alert can receive Platts M2M-Oil forward curves as an add-on service to PFC-Oil.

If you do not currently subscribe to Platts Global Alert, you can still access Platts M2M-Oil forward curves via Platts Market Data files. These files may be accessed in two ways; by simple download and import into back-office or analytical databases, or into Microsoft Excel or other desktop applications.

You can also receive this product via Platts Partners. We have cooperative partnership data delivery and analysis companies to help you leverage the information we provide and extend its value throughout your organization.

The data we supply is flexible, which means you can compare our data with yours, download and integrate it into your forecast models and apply it to your own thinking. We also provide information about factors that determine the price of oil, such as supply, demand, location and storage, so you have the clearest picture possible and can make decisions with confidence.


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