Map Data Viewer North America

With the new Platts Map Data Viewer, you can easily navigate energy infrastructure in an intuitive map interface on any web-connected device – even your smartphone.

Featuring Platts and Bentek Energy map layers that cover natural gas, electric power and NGL markets in North America, Map Data Viewer is designed for you to study operational data and explore spatial relationships among infrastructure.

Access the service through your web browser, eliminating the need for dedicated software, application updates or specialized knowledge. Map Data Viewer is updated quarterly, so you always have access to the latest information.

The map’s toolset allows you to click on and easily browse key operating data. Turn feature layer visibility on and off to focus on what is important to you. Annotate the screen, change the base map and print to share a custom map with your colleagues.

Map Data Viewer screen displays map feature menu options, toolbar options and key attributes tabs.

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Map Data Viewer Benefits

  • Extensive spatial data set provides a browser-based alternative to professional mapping apps
  • Web-based access and an intuitive design makes it easy to use the service and scale it to accommodate additional users
  • User interface is as straightforward to use as Google Maps; no additional software is required
  • Ease of use makes it the ideal mapping service for competitive analysis, M&A and legal research, asset valuations, transportation analysis, and homeland security
  • Competitive price packages make it a great choice for businesses of any size

Map Data Viewer includes extensive spatial information and operational data gathered by our researchers from a variety of public and proprietary sources.

The service features commodity focused map data to give you a complete picture of the North America infrastructure (including pipelines, refineries, power plants and substations) that makes your business tick.

Map Data Viewer includes relevant layers for each commodity:

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Electric PowerNatural GasNGL
Power PlantsPipelinesNGL Pipelines
SubstationsCompressor StationsSteam Crackers
Transmission LinesReceipt/Delivery PointsDehydrogenation Facilities
ISO Nodal Pricing PointsProcessing PlantsShale Plays
Electric IOU Service TerritoriesLNG Import/Export TerminalsFractionators
Electric Non-IOU Service TerritoriesStorage FacilitiesStorage Facilities
ISO Zones and RTOsProduction RegionsProcessing Plants
NERC Regions and Sub-regionsShale PlaysLNG Terminals
Coal RegionsGas Utility Service Territories (LDC)PAD Districts
Coal MinesLPG Export Terminals

Map Data Viewer Features

  • Operational data covers key information, such as ownership, capacity, voltage, pipeline diameters, and development status
  • An easy-to-use interface features commonly used tools such as a powerful search function, pan, zoom, print, layer visibility, measuring tools, annotations and more
  • Quarterly updates keep you informed about industry changes and new project development

Platts Map Data Viewer is annual subscription with quarterly data updates. Multi-year subscriptions are available at a discounted rate.

Packages are offered by commodity for $5,000 for up to 5 users. Enterprise pricing is also available for larger numbers of users. Our customers access the Map Data Viewer service from

Each license covers five users, with enterprise licenses available.

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