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Platts benchmark oil price assessments are widely recognized as the industry standard, each characterized by the vast amount of accumulated knowledge captured within it.

The building blocks of our price assessments are our transparent, rigorous and independent methodologies which are an integral part of the robust Market-on-Close (MOC) process our editors use to assess prices for crude oil, petroleum products and related swaps.

Following these clearly defined guidelines and specifications, we publish thousands of contract and exchange prices, indexes and forward curves every day.

Our oil market price data reflects the evolving, diverse nature of the markets. Whatever your role is in the oil markets, the market data we provide will always give you the actionable numbers you need to remain one step ahead of the competition.

The oil price data you need for:

  • Term and Spot Price Assessments
  • Racks and Spot to Rack
  • Yields and Netbacks
  • Refined Products
  • NGLs
  • Lubes
  • Postings
  • Feedstocks and Blendstocks
  • Propane & LPG
  • Swaps
  • Bunker, Clean & Dirty Tanker Rates
  • eWindow named Bids, Offers and Trades

Some Platts benchmarks you’ll find in
Platts Market Data – Oil are:

RegionAssessment CategoryArea of IntrerestDelivery TypeBenchmark
Middle EastCrudeRefiningCargoDubai
North SeaCrudeRefiningCargoDated Brent
NWE (CIF)NaphthaBlendingCargoNaphtha
SingaporeGasolineTransportCargoGasoline 92 unleaded
NWE (CIF)GasolineTransportCargoGasoline 10ppm
US Gulf CoastGasolineTransportPipelineUnleaded 87
SingaporeJetTransportCargoJet Kerosene
Rotterdam (FOB)JetTransportBargeJet
US Gulf CoastJetTransportPipelineJet 54
SingaporeDieselTransportCargoGasoil Reg 0.5% sulfur
Rotterdam (FOB)DieselTransportBargeDiesel 10ppm
US Gulf CoastDieselTransportPipelineNo. 2
SingaporeFuel OilUtilitiesCargoHSFO 180 CST
SingaporeFuel OilTransportCargoHSFO 380 CST
Rotterdam (FOB)Fuel OilTransportBargeFuel oil 3.5%
US Gulf CoastFuel OilTransportWaterborneNo. 6

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