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Platts Bentek Mexico Regional Natural Gas Package

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Platts Bentek Mexico Regional Package delivers data-driven coverage of the natural gas, LNG, crude oil, NGL and electric power markets in Mexico. With this package, you will be able to enhance your market outlook, build more robust models and validate investment and strategic decisions. The comprehensive coverage in this package will help you navigate the new and dynamic sectors of the Mexican energy markets. It’s the type of coverage you’ve come to expect from the leading independent provider of news, analysis, and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets.



  • Mexico Monthly Report
  • Mexico Facilities Databank
  • US LNG Import/Export Market Model
  • Platts Bentek Weekly Natural Gas Market Recap


  • Market-critical coverage and timelines for reform, published by S&P Global Platts on-the-ground and global reporters and analysts
  • Essential market intelligence produced by the industry's largest editorial team dedicated to energy price reporting
  • Location, ownership and capacity data for proposed, approved, planned, under construction, and operating infrastructure
  • Domestic supply and demand, price, and market fundamentals analysis for Mexico crude oil, natural gas and LNG, and electric power
  • Short- and mid-term natural gas (including LNG imports) forecasts from our analysts who work on the Platts Bentek product lines
  • Oil and natural gas production trends and regional maps
  • Retail electricity sales by end-use sector
  • Monthly deep dives with analysis of sector reform


  • Strategize with confidence: Manage operational risk and gain insight into the pace of reform by commodity and region
  • Understand pricing — Make faster and more informed trading decisions by referring to data, analysis and market news in one convenient report
  • Identify opportunities — Get a concise picture of United States-Mexico oil and gas imports and exports
  • Benchmark your performance — Make better-timed investment decisions along the oil and gas supply chain
  • Ensure compliance — Gain transparency into the cost structure of state productive enterprises, PEMEX and CFE
  • Tailor to your business — Generate statistics around existing and forecasted capacity for natural gas pipelines, power plants, refineries, processing plants, fractionation plants, steam crackers and LNG import/export terminals

Why S&P Global Platts?

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. Platts makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.


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