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Platts Bentek NGL Facilities Databank

Platts Bentek NGL Facilities Databank is an extensive dataset that includes details on more than 1,120 existing natural gas processing plants in the U.S. and Canada, as well as expansions and new builds with over 140 Bcf/d of total capacity. This product also tracks NGL fractionators in the U.S. and Canada, and individual NGL pipelines in North America. All infrastructure data includes key operating information such as location, type of plant, owner, operator and capacity. This resource allows users to analyze current natural gas processing, fractionation and pipeline capacity, as well as dehydrogenation units and LPG export facilities. Platts Bentek NGL Facilities Databank is updated monthly and delivered in spreadsheet format.


  • Platts Bentek NGL Facilities Databank


  • U.S. and Canadian natural gas processing plant data, including more than 140 Bcf/d of existing capacity, expansions and new builds representing 140 Bcf/d of capacity
  • U.S. and Canadian NGL fractionator data, including 99 existing, 15 expansions and 12 new builds representing 6.8 MMb/d of capacity
  • Key commercial and operating parameters of each in-service processing and fractionation facility, including location, type of plant, owner, operator and capacity, and estimated in-service dates for new builds and expansions
  • Data on individual U.S. NGL pipelines broken out by purity product, including more than 30 existing NGL pipelines in the U.S. as well as 18 proposed pipelines with total capacity of more than 6.1 MMb/d


  • Facilitate your long-term planning around capacity utilization and potential needs with the vital information covering the reporting time between the EIA release and today
  • Make confident business decisions by identifying constraints on gas processing or takeaway capacity for NGLs in any region
  • Take advantage of market opportunities by identifying regional constraints and locating areas in need of new infrastructure
  • Get peace of mind knowing that you have unlimited access to S&P Global Platts analysts that have expertise in working with the Platts Bentek NGL Market Monitors

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