Platts Bentek NGL Supply Databank

Most NGL producing states require that each natural gas plant within their borders file monthly reports that track key operating statistics, including natural gas inlet and tailgate volumes, GPM, shrinkage and the production of NGL products. Some states collect additional information, such as delivery data into specific pipelines. S&P Global Platts collects this gas plant data, standardizes the information into a common format, scrubs the data to correct any quality issues and provides the data in both spreadsheet and tabular/graphical formats.


  • Platts Bentek NGL Supply Databank PDF (AB, AL, BC, CO, LA, MI, ND, NM, TX, UT, WY)
  • Platts Bentek NGL Supply Databank XLS (AB, AL, BC, CO, LA, MI, ND, NM, TX, UT, WY)


  • NGL production by plant
  • Barrel composition by plant
  • NGL gallons/Mcf (GPM) by plant
  • Inlet and outlet gas by plant
  • Plant demographic data including name, operator, location and daily capacity
  • Monthly history of inlet and outlet total plus ethane, propane, butane, gasoline, condensate and other NGL production
  • Access this information in an easy to understand PDF interface or just receive the raw data via excel


  • Get a complete picture of what goes into an NGL plant, what NGLs are recovered, and the dry gas that leaves the plant allowing you to make strategic business decisions with confidence
  • Identify the liquids content and the composition of the NGL barrel coming from each region within a given state allowing you to locate areas that will complement your drilling strategy
  • Act with confidence knowing you have the vital information detailing key data associated with NGL production
  • Save the time-consuming effort of compiling this data from multiple locations and varying formats
  • Access the same data used by S&P Global Platts analysts when analyzing NGL supply by basin

Why S&P Global Platts?

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