Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook

The global petrochemical feedstock slate is becoming more complex. As producers strive for a cost advantage, low-cost feedstocks fuel investments decisions.

Cheap US shale gas, Chinese coal-to-chemical projects and a fall in naphtha prices have all contributed to the changing global supply equation. The resurgence of naphtha has eroded the ethane feedstock advantage, leading to direct implications for global trade flows between key production and consumption regions.

Understanding the complex nature of the global polyolefins industry is crucial if you’re to gain a competitive advantage. Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook provides essential market data and insight by integrating analysis from upstream to downstream, giving you a global and regional forecast of polyethylene and polypropylene market fundamentals out to 2025.


  • Customize and analyze – Select and retrieve the data that’s relevant to your business.
  • Sort and filter – Quickly identify trends and process vast quantities of data.
  • Integrate with your systems – Quickly import data into your own systems and eliminate risks associated with manual data entry.
  • Seize opportunities – Stay ahead of your competition, with intelligence to help you understand key regional and global market activity.
  • Strategize with confidence – Develop an inherently strong pricing and business strategy by referencing daily and historical spot and contract price assessments.

Whether you’re a strategic planner, risk manager, research analyst, trader or broker, Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook is a vital tool for anyone working in the polymer markets.


  • Global polyethylene and polypropylene totals – surplus, deficits and estimated supply needs
  • Regional polyethylene and polypropylene fundamentals – capacity and planned additions, production and demand forecast, likely run rate, demand increase rates
  • Regional polyethylene and polypropylene assumptions – GDP, demand multipliers, likely run rates, demand increase rates
  • Global cracker projects – project details, FEED and EPC stage years, feedstock, capacity, estimated year of completion
  • China CTO/MTO projects – project details, FEED and EPC stage years, capacity and estimated year of completion
  • Global PDH projects – project details, FEED and EPC stage years, feedstock, capacity, estimated year of completion
  • Cracker co-products – cracker co-products produced when using ethane, propane, butane, naphtha and gasoil feedstocks
  • Variable cost curve – see where each supply region sits on the cost curve and who holds a competitive advantage
  • Global trend analyzer – a powerful data manipulation tool allows you to filter the information in a way to best meet your needs
  • You can identify, select and export supply and demand data associated with over 3000 individual production plants globally
  • You subscription includes contact with our analysts, this could include phone conversations, quarterly global webinars with Q&A, site visits or ad-hoc updates


Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook is a data and analysis package that consists of an Excel Dataset, PDF report and a powerful trend analyzer tool allows you to filter the data in a way to best meet your needs. All of the data and written commentary is updated quarterly.

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