Newly re-launched as a web-based energy analytics tool, Platts PowerVision continues to deliver its comprehensive, carefully assembled and up-to-date European power & gas infrastructure data, market prices and supply & demand data with the added benefits of online access and flexible data visualization.


NEW! Platts PowerVision is moving its desktop content to an online business intelligence interface. With no software installation requirements, the new tool offers speedy and flexible access to Platts PowerVision's content through highly visual charts and pivot reports, allowing on-the-fly creation of aggregate data profiles as well as the export of standard reports and detailed datasets.

Power Plant Data

  • Platts PowerVision's European power plant data is the energy analyst's research resource for installed and planned generation capacity in the European power sector. It builds on over ten years' continuous research by a dedicated product team which reviews company reports and releases, official government gazettes and filings, tender postings and local press and makes direct enquiries with utilities and developers.
  • Built from the bottom up on detailed granular information, Platts PowerVision's European power plant data is optimised for intuitive querying and aggregate profiling in interactive online reports. As well as generating detailed plant data exports, it is used to visualize installed capacity, project pipeline, evolving fuel mix and company footprint. Country and Company profiles provide an immediate starting point for analysis, before drilling down to plant detail.
  • Constantly updated and released monthly, Platts PowerVision's European power plant data is cross-referenced to publicly available inventories and benchmarked to aggregate statistics. In addition to comprehensive monitoring of available information sources, the product team carries out pro-active research guided by internal metrics on project development timelines. It also benefits from Platts reporting on new build projects in bi-weekly Platts Power in Europe.

Infrastructure Map

  • Platts PowerVision's desktop-installed European power & gas infrastructure map application extends online charting capabilities to create quick cartographic representations of European power and gas infrastructure for analysis and presentation. European power plant data can be queried and thematically displayed on a map alongside a comprehensive package of detailed map layers representing European electricity transmission grids and gas transportation systems.
  • Developed and maintained using the best available transmission system maps and datasets, Platts PowerVision's map datasets are enhanced for geographic accuracy with reference to aerial imagery on a facility-by-facility and pylon-by-pylon basis wherever possible. Priority transportation projects identified by ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G network development reports are included, and both LNG terminal and gas storage projects under development are also tracked on a quarterly basis.

Market Prices

  • Platts PowerVision carries the entire history of Platts OTC assessments for European electricity, gas, coal and CO2 markets. It allows comparison of markets and forward contracts in easily customizable charts over a chosen period and the export of whole time series to Excel. Assessment details such as market and forward contract are standardized and accessible without knowledge of Platts symbol codes.
  • Platts PowerVision features a collection of day ahead price and volume data from European power exchanges. These can be viewed at hourly, daily, weekly or monthly granularities and compared across markets. Statistical reports allow a summary trading over an extended time period.

Supply & Demand

  • Platts PowerVision presents supply and demand reports for UK and Italy. The UK-focused report contains power station unit half-hourly production (Final Physical Notification), system demand (Initial Demand Out-turn) and prices (APX UK half-hourly blocks and Elexon balancing prices). This allows the analysis of plant behavior in relation to demand, generation by renewables, and pricing, as well as aggregation of trends along a time series going back to 2002. The Italian reports include hourly regional generation by fuel, system load and net imports, and implied cross-regional flows.

Who Should Buy

Platts PowerVision is used by clients in energy utilities, IPPs, trading houses, investment banking, investment research, energy/economic consultancies and academic research groups, engineering equipment & services firms, and policy/regulatory oversight bodies to build supply models, illustrate and document market trends, and for competitive market intelligence. It is a key resource for:

  • Ad hoc research on installed capacity, fuel mix, project pipeline, company profiling.
  • Tracking new power plant projects, conversions and rerates, scheduled retirements, M&A.
  • Maintaining a complete picture of installed and planned generation capacity, and power & gas transportation infrastructure.
  • Accessing long time series of price data for market monitoring and analysis.
  • Accessing long time series of granular generation and demand data for analyzing plant behaviour, and production and demand trends.


Use Platts PowerVision's Country Profile to view at a glance for one or several countries:

  • The historical and planned development timeline of generation capacity.
  • The evolving fuel or plant type mix.
  • Capacity ownership concentration and shares of main players.

Use Platts PowerVision's Company Profile to quickly profile for one or several companies:

  • The age of the operating fleet and scheduled retirements.
  • The development status of the project pipeline.
  • The geographic spread and fuel or plant type mix.

Use Platts PowerVision's Detailed Reports to query standardised tabular exports:

  • Recent commentary tracking developments on power plant projects.
  • Recent additions to the database and changes to development or operational statuses.
  • Individual plant sheets including location, technical and ownership detail as well as full project commentary.
  • Full Excel reports for detailed plant queries.

Use Platts PowerVision's Unit Report for a full export of unit-level data, including:

  • Location and technical detail for each power station unit.
  • Year-end or quarter-end installed capacity data for each unit from 2001 to current year +10.

Use Platts PowerVision's Map application for quick geographic visualization using:

  • Filtering of power & gas infrastructure map layers to a relevant selection according to their data attributes and geographic relationship to each other.
  • Thematic sizing, colouring, symbolizing and labelling of map objects by their data attributes for effective presentations.

Use Platts PowerVision's Market Prices reports for visual representations as well as granular data:

  • Periodical review of relative price trends: for a market, for a contract, for a delivery period.
  • Extraction of aligned long time series in native or synchronized time.

Platts PowerVision's European power plant data presents an authoritative inventory of existing and planned power stations in the EU27 + Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. Platts PowerVision's European power & gas infrastructure map goes beyond this coverage into the western Balkans, Turkey and Russia for electricity networks and to natural gas production sources in North Africa, Siberia and the Caspian for gas transportation systems .

World Shale Resources Map
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Platts PowerVision's plant coverage is for grid-connected plants of 5 MW or more, with a lower threshold to match aggregate capacity figures in countries with significant capacity from small hydro. For most countries, onshore wind and solar photovoltaic is profiled at a regional level rather than tracked at the plant and company level.

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World Shale Resources Map
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Platts PowerVision's coverage of electrical transmission lines is for high voltages 200kV-750kV as well as DC interconnectors; where they are part of the transmission grid, voltages in the 100-150KV range are also included. Main gas transportation pipelines are covered in the EU while in peripheral countries the focus is on transit pipelines from production areas.

Platts PowerVision's market price data covers the entire history of Platts European electricity and gas assessments, CO2 assessments of both EUA and CER, and select international coal assessments. It also contains day ahead market results for the main European power exchanges. It is updated monthly.

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Platts PowerVision covers supply and demand data for Great Britain and Italy. Future iterations are set to include Germany, France and Spain.

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Standard access to Platts PowerVision's European power plant data, market prices and supply & demand data is on our web-based analytics platform via login on Platts Market Center. Additional options such as a Data Direct connection to the database for use in Excel 2007 or 2010 or other business intelligence software are also available. Platts PowerVision's Map software and data is downloaded quarterly through personal user login from Platts Market Center.

For more information, or to get a free demonstration of Platts PowerVision, either email support@platts.com or visit PowerVision on the web.


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