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India ruffles China with slew of protection measures on steel imports

With Charlotte Rao

July 12, 2016 07:15:50 EST (3:12)

New anti-dumping investigations started by India have evoked a strong response from China’s commerce ministry. China contributed a third of the 12 million metric tons of steel India imported during the year to last March.

In this video, associate editor Charlotte Rao examines what led to India's implementation of stricter steel import protection measures and their impact on India’s domestic market. The Minimum Import Price scheme the Indian government launched earlier this year caused the country’s steel imports to plunge 30% to 1.8 million metric tons in the April-June quarter. While China cries foul, India is narrowing the production gap with the world’s second largest steelmaker, Japan, and could produce as much as 100 million metric tons during the current fiscal year.

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