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Platts launches consultation on shift to 10 ppm gasoil as Asia's benchmark grade

With Calvin Lee and Jonathan Nonis

September 05, 2016 10:00:00 EST (5:02)

Environmental concerns, government regulations and advances in technology have progressively led to tighter fuel standards over the last few decades. Key Asian consumers have embarked on a phased process to move to a 10 ppm sulfur limit on diesel fuel. The volume of 10 ppm gasoil trades reported through the Platts Market on Close assessment process has also increased in recent years.

In this video, Calvin Lee, editorial director for oil markets in Asia and the Middle East, and Jonathan Nonis, senior managing editor for oil markets, explain S&P Global Platts' move to open a formal consultation on the shift to 10 ppm gasoil as Asia's benchmark grade.

Your feedback regarding this shift are important to us. We invite you to send comments, suggestions and questions regarding this proposal to and your comments and questions by November 1, 2016.

Read our white paper here: Platts Asia Gasoil Benchmarks - Next Stage of Evolution

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